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As the largest single employer in Australia, the tourism and hospitality industry offers a huge range and diversity of career paths and a very rewarding future! 


No matter what your interest, there’s a rewarding career ahead for you in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to make your next move, you’ve come to the right place to discover your career.

Developed by the Tourism and Hospitality Careers Council with the support of the Federal Government, is a one-stop shop for advice on career pathways in high demand occupations across this exciting industry.

The site offers career advice, training opportunities and the latest job vacancies — all in one easy to us online platform, coupled with the Skills Passport industry application where you can build and promote your own professional profile and find that position that’s just right for you!

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Student Information

The tourism, hospitality and travel industries are customer-service driven. People skills are an essential part of working in the industry. These skills include:

  • good communication skills

  • a strong customer focus

  • smart presentation and grooming

  • organisational skills

  • ability to work in a team

  • ability to work well under pressure

  • good technical skills and knowledge.

For many people, completing a Certificate or Diploma course with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provides the opportunity to develop excellent skills, and helps them to get their first job where they can progress up the career ladder. For others, starting off as a Trainee or Apprentice and doing their training on-the-job works well.

There are many options to continue your training if you are working, such as attending training part time, studying externally through TAFE, Private Training Providers and/or University, or getting recognition for your skills and knowledge in the workplace through ACCESS.

Pathways to Success

There are different ways to achieving success in the industry.

You can:

  • Complete a formal qualification, then continue your education as you go, by getting assessed in the workplace through ACCESS or by participating in an in-house training program.

  • Undertake an Apprenticeship and complete your first certificate on-the-job. You can continue your education as you work, learn and get paid.

  • Complete a Diploma or Advanced Diploma with a Registered Training Organisation, working part time in the industry to get some work experience. This will allow you to move up the ladder quicker as you already have a qualification and industry experience.

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Tourism and Hospitality Careers Council

The Tourism & Hospitality Careers Council (THCC) has been established and charged with the responsibility for the continuation of ‘Discover Your Career’.

Membership of the THCC is by subscription with members drawn from industry associations, major training providers (both public and private), providers of Group Training services to the industry, academic institutions, and major tourism and hospitality operators.

The THCC determines and drives the long term career development strategy for tourism and hospitality through the Discover suite of websites.

Please contact us for further information.