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John Hart  Chairman

John Hart

Tourism, hospitality and travel is an industry which continues to outpace many others in terms of employment growth.

The lower Aussie dollar means that international and domestic tourism will continue to grow at pace. Of course it helps, too, that we have such a terrific product to offer. A visit to any one of our 86,000 or so foodservice businesses alone will attest to that.

We’ve all heard the extraordinary numbers regarding inbound tourism from Asia, and especially China. Even these pale in comparison with almost every future growth model we’ve seen to date.

And from an infrastructure perspective – more rooms coming online, capacity for growth at our major airports, indeed the prospect of a whole new airport to name just a few factors – the potential for further growth is truly exponential. That's great news for those wanting to get into the industry. New and exciting jobs and career pathways abound. 

When we talk about the huge growth and future potential of industry, we can't help but be reminded of the other side of the coin: skills shortages are becoming more and more acute. 

Candidate availability shows promise, but we still have some 40,000 positions vacant. And there's certainly scant data to suggest there will be fewer job vacancies in the industry in the coming years. But competition from other industries, funding, retention, perceptions of VET, career pathways – all the old chestnuts … these issues haven't gone away. 

What other industries are prepared to pay, how operations are funded, what staff want, what prospective students (and their key influencers) perceive; indeed the very nature of what a ‘pathway’ in any industry might look like will continue to change and evolve … and in some instances be disrupted entirely. 

So industry must continue to be agile and flourish, even under tough operating conditions. We must provide real skills for real careers. We’re all working hard already. But we can always, certainly, work smarter.

'Work smarter, not harder' this certainly the mantra of the late, great W.R. Galvin OAM. As chief executive of TTA, Bill stood at the vanguard of industry for so long as to become something of a stalwart. We recognise Bill’s legacy at Tourism Training Australia and in so doing keep progressing the important work of the organisation. 

Whether it is bringing the industry and training providers together at the Skills Summit, undertaking professional development programs, facilitating skills recognition of the promotion of careers and apprenticeship, TTA continues to play a meaningful role. These programs will be promoted on this site and I commend them to you.

I invite you to follow @tourismtraining in the social media as a further means of keeping in touch with our work.

Best regards for your ongoing success.

John Hart

What we do

Tourism Training Australia was established in 1982 to develop a flexible and effective training system for the tourism and hospitality industry.

The organisation brings together a large number of training partners, including industry, government, unions, private and public training providers, industry associations, universities and students/trainees.

Tourism Training Australia:

  • MANAGES the development and implementation of national training system initiatives

  • ORGANISES Conferences, forums and seminars to exchange ideas for increasing training and service excellence

  • RECOGNISES special industry innovation with National Training Awards

  • LIAISES with training providers to improve training strategies and industry access to training

  • DEVELOPS training products and resources to assist in the delivery of quality training

  • INITIATES and undertakes national and state projects which improve employment and training opportunities

  • SUPPORTS a national training network that provides assistance and advice in each State and Territory

  • ASSESSES current and future workforce needs

  • ADVISES Government and other organisations on industry training needs, strategies and plans

  • PROMOTES the benefits of training to industry and key stakeholders

As a member of Tourism Training Australia you will support the continued progress of training in the tourism, hospitality and travel industries. Your support will significantly enhance new achievements and initiatives to meet the challenges of today and the future.